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We are currently hosting the Fall session of the 10th round of CSE/SHARCNET seminar series.

We hope to see you all in our upcoming events. Please see seminar announcements for locations.

-Seminar chairs

CSE Seminars, The Goals

The Scientific Computing Seminar is an interdisciplinary, student-oriented event which serves as a venue for dissemination of information about various aspects of scientific computing such as:

  • applications of scientific computing to various disciplines, including some non-traditional ones,
  • technical aspects of high-performance computing,
  • tutorials concerning practical aspects of computing (hardware/software issues, code development, parallelization, debugging, etc.).

The selection of topics highlights both the breadth and depth of research in scientific computing at McMaster.


Upcoming Seminars


Upcoming 2017 Seminars



Past Seminars

2017 Seminars


  • Speaker: Dr. Pawel Pomorski
  • Speaker: Farouq Alamq Alam
    • Topic:  On optimization problems in step-stress life testing
    • Date of Presentation: April 19th
  • Speaker: Jürgen Gerhard
    • Topic:  Solving Advanced Research Problems with Maple
    • Date of Presentation: April 5th
  • Speaker: Jennifer Stearns
    • Topic:  Microbial community succession in the infant gut: An integrated approach to microbiome research
    • Date of Presentation: Wednesday March 22nd
  • Speaker: Zahra Keshavarz Motamed
    • Topic:  Development of advanced numerical algorithms to create noninvasive patient-specific diagnostic and predictive methods for cardiovascular disease
    • Date of Presentation: March 8th
  • Speaker: Kai Huang
    • Topic: Vehicle Routing Problem with Interdiction
    • Date of Presentation: February 8th
  • Speaker: Diogo Pocas
    • Topic:  Computational models for noise in differential equations
    • Date of Presentation: January 25th

2016 Seminars


  • SpeakerSpencer Smith
    • Topic:  The Drasil Framework for Literate Scientific Software
    • Date of Presentation:  November 23rd
  • Speaker: Yousef Akhavan
    • Topic:  Power Optimization of Wind Turbines Affected by Wake
    • Date of Presentation:  November 9th
  • Speaker: Nasser Abukhdeir
    • Topic:  Computational characterization of ordered nanostructured surfaces
    • Date:  October 26th
  • Speaker Ingrid Marcela Monroy Licht
    • Topic:   The Rescheduling Arc Routing Problem
    • Date of Presentation:  September 28th
  • Speaker Elkafi Hassini
    • Topic:  Optimization with Big Data
    • Date of Presentation:  September 14th
  • Speaker: Gary Guangning Tan
    • Topic:  Conversion methods for improving structural analysis of differential-algebraic equation systems
    • Date of Presentation:  March 23rd
  • Speaker: Dr. Paul McNicholas, McMaster University

    • Topic:  Mixture Model-Based Clustering
    • Date of Presentation:  March 9th
  • Speaker: Dr. Ionut Danaila, University of Rouen

    • Topic: Vortices in classical fluids and superfluid Bose-Einstein condensates: a numerical investigation
    • Date of Presentation: March 2nd
  • Speaker: Dr. C. Sean Bohun
    • Topic:  Coulomb Explosions as a Molecular Imaging Technique
    • Date of Presentation:  January 13th

2015 Seminars


  • SpeakerDr. James Elder
    • Topic: Visual Perception: The Ultimate Big Data Problem
    • Date of Presentation: November 18th
    •  sliders
    • Topic: Structural Analysis and Numerical Solution of High-Index Differential-Algebraic Equations
    • Date of Presentation: October 21st
    •  sliders
  • SpeakerDr. Sergey Mashchenko
    • Topic: Debugging and profiling of MPI programs
    • Date of Presentation: October 7th
    • sliders
  • SpeakerDr. Jonathan Stone
    • Topic: Developing A Computational Model to Test Ideas about Sea Urchins and Make Sense of Sand Dollars
    • Date of Presentation: April 8th
    • sliders
  • SpeakerDr. Christopher Anand
    • Topic: High Performance Medical Image Reconstruction. What could go wrong?
    • Date of Presentation: February 4th
    • sliders

2014 Seminars


  • SpeakerProf. Tim Davidson
    • Topic: Downlink beamforming in cellular wireless communications: A case study of optimization in the presence of uncertainty
    • Date of Presentation: November 19th
    • sliders
  • SpeakerProf. Li Xi
    • Topic: A dynamic perspective of viscoelastic turbulence: new insights into a decades-old question
    • Date of Presentation: November 5th
    • sliders
  • SpeakerProf. Simon Haykin
    • Topic: The Cognitive Dynamic System for Information Management and Control
    • Date of Presentation: Ocotber 28th
    • sliders
    • Topic: Nonparametric Kernel Estimation: An Exact Parallel kd-tree Approach
    • Date of Presentation: Ocotber 8th
    • sliders
  • SpeakerProf. John Bandler
    • Topic: Space Mapping: A Technology for Engineering Modeling And Optimization Grounded In Common Sense
    • Date of Presentation: September 17th
    • sliders
  • SpeakerJan Holub
    • Topic: Finite Automata Approaches for Bioinformatics
    • Date of Presentation: April 23rd
    • sliders
  • SpeakerDr. Erik Sorensen
    • Topic: Exact diagonalizations and quantum Monte Carlo, what can they tell us about frustrated Magnets?
    • Date of Presentation: March 26th
    • sliders
  • SpeakerDr. Paul Ayers
    • Topic: Breaking the Curse of Dimension for the Electronic Schrödinger Equation
    • Date of presentation: Feb 5th
    • sliders
  • SpeakerDr. Brian Golding
    • Topic: Explorations in Bioinformatics
    • Date of presentation: Jan. 22nd
    • sliders

2013 Seminars


  • SpeakerProf. Sue Becker
    • Topic: How do we encode episodic memories? Evidence from computational models, rodent and human studies
    • Date of presentation: Nov. 27th
    • sliders
  • SpeakerProf. Bill Smyth
    • Topic: Computing Patterns in Very Long Strings
    • Date of presentation: Nov. 13th
    • sliders
    • Topic: From geographical locations to RNA-binding motifs via recording physical exercises
    • Date of presentation: Oct. 30th
    • sliders
    • Topic: Statistics, computation, and software engineering: Development and maintenance of mixed modeling software in R
    • Date of presentation: Oct. 16th
    • sliders
  • Speaker:  Majid Taghavi
    • Topic: Transportation Logistics Network Capacity Expansion via Multi-stage Stochastic Programming
    • Date of presentation: Oct. 2nd
    • sliders
  • Speaker:  Dr. Weiguang Guan
    • Topic: Machine learning and its application in the next-generation vehicles
    • Date of presentation: Sept. 18th
    • sliders
  • Speaker: Mark Hahn
    • Topic: Sharcnet Tricks
    • Date of presentation: March 27th
    • sliders
  • Speaker: Dr. Peyman Setoodeh
    • Topic: Computational Systems Biology: An Interested Observer’s Perspective
    • Date of presentation: March 13th
    • sliders
  • Speaker: Dr. Allan Spence
    • Topic: High Performance Computing Applied To Manufacturing Engineering Geometry Problems
    • Date of presentation: February 27th
    • sliders
  • Speaker: Prof. Antoine Deza
    • Topic: Combinatorial, computational, and geometric approaches to the Peg Solitaire game
    • Date of presentation: February 13th
    • sliders
  • Speaker: Prof. Sanzheng Qiao
    • Topic: A Jacobi Method for Lattice Basis Reduction
    • Date of presentation: January 30th
    • sliders

2012 Seminars


  • Speaker: Prof. Nicholas Kevlahan
    • Topic: A Conservative Adaptive Wavelet Method for The Shallow Water Equations on Staggered Grids
    • Date of presentation: December 5th
    • sliders
  • Speaker Dr. Seshasai Srinivasan
    • Topic: Computational Optimization of DI Diesel Engines to Minimize Emissions and Fuel Consumption
    • Date of presentation: November 21st
    • sliders
  • Speaker: Prof. Paul Higgs
    • Topic: Building a Model for Self-Replicating RNAs
    • Date of presentation: November 7th
    • sliders


Seminar Chair

Past Chairs

  • Adam Sliwiak, M.Sc.
  • Kiret Dhindsa, Ph.D.
  • Ehsan Taghavi, Ph.D.
  • Mehdi Fatemi, Ph.D.
  • Ashkan Amiri, Ph.D.
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L8S 4K1

Contact Information

Office Hours:
8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Telephone Inquiries:
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